At La Salvetat enjoy our park and gardens

We mustn’t forget our own delightful location!

17 hectares of ancient pasture and mature Bessède forest woodland together with a mature park/garden area of trees and shrubs in a natural setting. Our home was originally a presbytery to the ancient church of La Salvetat – the ruins can be seen on a little hill just to the right of the hotel.

So, by day, you are free to explore the grounds and gardens, perhaps catch a glimpse of the wild deer and soak up the natural unspoilt beauty or, by night, sit on your terrace and marvel at the clear, deep velvety sky and dazzling array of stars. Depending upon the time of the year there is also a superb selection of wild flowers to discover in the grassland including wild orchids. If the conditions are right in September or October, it is also possible to find cèpes and other edible fungi in our woodland.