2015 Newsletter

Welcome to our hotel newsletter of 2015.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year and remind you of our Special Offers.  However, first some news …..


August saw the safe arrival of our grand-daughter Madeleine Olivia (Maddie) to James and Caroline, closely followed by the birth in September of Lilou to Laëtitia and Philippe.  There has been quite a lot of  purchasing of things pink as you can imagine.  A big  thank you to everyone for their messages of good wishes to both families.

Did you know?

The Grotte (Cave) de Cussac is located in the commune of Le Buisson-de-Cadouin, about 5km from La Salvetat.  The Grotte contains over 150 Paleolithic artworks as well as several human remains.  It is currently under protection for scientific study, and closed to the public.

The cave was discovered on 30 September 2000, by amateur speleologist Marc Delluc and formally announced by the French Ministry of Culture on 8 December 2000.

The cave’s artworks are almost exclusively engravings, often very large, made with stone tools on the walls, or with fingers on clay soil. Pigments are limited to very few red dots.  All appear close in theme and style of those known to be Gravettien in the Quercy caves, in particular Pech Merle.  At least five people, four adults and a teenager, were deposited in the cavities with bones dated by Carbon 14 measurements to approximately 25 000 years in age.

Bruno, Chief of Police

Some will know of the series of books written by author Martin Walker about Bruno Courreges, a local policemen.  The books are loosely based around Le Bugue, but touching many of the much-loved aspects of our corner of south Dordogne.  The 7th book in the series “Children of War” has recently been released. However if you are new to these books perhaps it’s best to start with the first in the series “Bruno, Chief of Police”.  Every year we have many clients who stay with us to discover the villages around where the novels are set.

Early Bird Special Offer*

To take advantage of our Early Bird Discount offer, simply reserve a stay of 4 or more nights, confirm by a payment of 30% deposit and receive a discount of 10% off hotel accommodation and demi-pension rates.  For more details click here to visit our website.

Returning clients**

If you have stayed with us before, the Early Bird offer is cumulative with your 5% loyalty discount giving a total discount of 15%.  Please ensure you claim your loyalty discount at the time of reservation.

Opening Hours

Please note that there will be a change to our restaurant hours this year owing to new working hour regulations which recently came into force and which particularly affect part-time staff. The restaurant will be open every evening except Wednesday. We understand that this is not ideal and hope that the regulations get revisited enabling us to revert to daily operation.

Re-opening Date

The hotel and restaurant re-opens on Saturday 2 May 2015 for dinner.  The springtime is a very pleasant time to visit for walking and cycling, with temperatures typically warmer than in the UK. The vast, varied scenery is lush and green.  We know that many of you know the area well but for those who don’t why not come and discover it for yourself?

In such an idyllic setting, surrounded by lawns, flower borders and trees, Ann, Steve, Laëtitia and the rest of the team welcome you with warmth and a smile ….

À bientôt ….

Ann and Steve Jordan and the La Salvetat team

*Please note a limited number of rooms are available for this offer and once the allocation has been sold the normal tariffs will apply.  All offers are subject to availability and prices exclude wine and drinks.

*&**Subject to advance booking and availability and excludes wine, drinks and meals not forming part of the reservation

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